Marshall, Bruce



From Dover Castle
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About Bruce Marshall

In 2017, Bruce became unwell and it soon became clear he was dealing with metastatic lung cancer. Ever the optimist, he lived life to the full; enjoying time with his wife Anna and their toddler, Emily. In December 2018, Bruce succumbed to the disease and passed away in St Helena Hospice surrounded by his loved ones.

Bruce would have loved this auction and it is in his memory that Anna kindly donates one of his pieces. Having studied Graphic Design at Natal Technikon in his native South Africa, Bruce spent most of his career working in publishing, particularly children’s books, specialising in the pop-up and speciality market. Aside from work, Bruce enjoyed producing art in a variety of mediums, being particularly strong in digital and photographic art.

From David Heirons, friend of Bruce:
When a friend worked for a London based company they wanted to have art in all the new and refurbished conference rooms. As a theme they settled on Castles and Palaces (in use or not) from around the country. Bruce was the only one to respond with a comprehensive proposal, which was accepted.

In brief, he suggested, after a site visit to evaluate each room, he would supply photos to match the room themes.  Bruce enhanced the photos in a modern colourful way to bring out the colours, which  produced a more artistic impression on the canvases.  They were strong, unique and bespoke. They were then printed on canvas and stretched on to frames by a London art shop. This was done with Bruce passionately following every detail including the printing, framing and install.

‘Dover’ and ‘Hampton’ were lost as meeting rooms with restructuring in 2018.  In 2019 the company offered the 4 canvases to Anna.  Anna decided to keep one, two were taken by friends and one remained, named “Arches” from Dover Castle. Anna has made this available for the Art Auction, in memory of Bruce.

Bruce Marshall 1980 – 2018