Burch, Sally



‘Spring Fever’

2019. Artist’s proof.

Silkscreen print on paper. 50cm x 50cm.

‘Spring Fever’ draws on concerns around climate change. Spring 2019 in the UK was exceptionally confusing. Cool days and uncharacteristically hot spells. The original experience was an interaction of all the senses. “Spring Fever’ is my response in a two dimensional visual silkscreen print. Through shapes and colour and guided by the title, it aims to unlock the imagination and awaken a consciousness of perception from the viewer to respond to the work on a personal level.

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About Sally Burch

Fine Art (BA Hons) Central St Martins

For me, making a piece of art involves combining a jigsaw of references that fit together to give the essence of an experience or to realise an idea. Although the work is abstract, it is always based on something I have experienced – on a truth – and is often related to contemporary political issues.

A piece can move many steps away from that starting point, but there is always a connection with reality. Rhythm and visual ‘sound’ play an important role. The movement of shapes and form, colours clashing or harmonising, large shapes balanced against small marks, hot against cool colours. All of these elements contribute to a visual statement.

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