Stageman, Hannah


Flower of St Macarius

27cm x 38cm, etching on cotton rag

About this work:

Often described as ‘a plant in the wrong place’, weeds are much undervalued, sometimes considered ugly, and generally unloved. Yet for all the negative press weeds receive, they can prove to be highly useful and have medicinal properties. Weeds are also recipients of common names that vary from community to community. Lotus corniculatus, for example, has also been given names such as Eggs and Bacon, Devil’s Fingers, Ground Honey Suckle, and Grandma’s Toes. These names reflect the different ways we look at weeds.

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About Hannah Stageman

Hannah is an artist and curator working in Colchester and north-east Essex. She graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Colchester School of Art in 2011, and with a Masters in Art History and Theory in 2014 from the University of Essex.

She is currently working on ideas of place, non-place and the in-between, and the everyday, with a practice that encompasses drawing, photography, printmaking and walking.

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