Knopp, Justin




‘Never Let The Odds’

Wood type poster

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About Justin Knopp

As the son of a ‘Commercial Artist’ Justin Knopp was surrounded by the craft tools of pre-Apple Macintosh graphic design from a very young age. In 1992 whilst studying Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, he was introduced to letterpress printing and was immediately fascinated and excited by the process.

Since graduating, Justin’s involvement with letterpress printing has deepened and he has gradually amassed a substantial collection of lead and antique wooden types, printing machines and other paraphernalia. In 2008 Justin co-founded Typoretum with his wife Cecilia and today Typoretum is a busy, family run, contemporary letterpress design & printing studio offering a wide variety of services. These include short courses and internship opportunities to ensure that the craft is kept alive and continues to be taught to a new generation of letterpress printers, designers and enthusiasts.

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